urban municipalities
Art actions at Neumarkt Osnabrück
21.9. – 28.9.2018

so urban! Art and Urban Locations
Exhibition in the Kunstraum hase29
28.9. – 17.11.2018

Clemens Behr I Stella Geppert I Jakob&Manila I Katerina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov I, Diana Sirianni I Elisabeth Windisch

From 21.9. to 28.9.2018, Osnabrück’s Neumarkt will become a field of experimentation for artists. An urban space as a building site – the artists explore the place with different artistic means and invite passers-by and residents to interrupt and realign their usual directions of movement and gaze.

How can rooms, niches, entrances, visual axes, materiality and colourfulness be made visible in a new way? How do things that are often overlooked in everyday life appear in new and interesting ways? Which interventions and interventions can change the perception of a familiar environment? With their works, a total of 8 artists invite us to take part in unusual actions and thereby generate new attention. What do we like about urbanity, what do we find disturbing, dangerous, critical?

While the actions and artistic interventions at Neumarkt/ disappear again after a short time, the works of the participating artists in hase29 – Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst at Hasestraße 29/30 can continue to be explored until 17 November. The exhibition “so urban!” offers the opportunity to reflect on questions of urbanity from different perspectives.

TANGENCY – female artists explore urban spaces

based on an idea by Dirk Manzke

Curated by Dirk Manzke, Elisabeth Lumme, Tim Roßberg

Sponsoren Tangency

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