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Cheek to Jowl with Art

During one week six artists from four countries have explored, using their own specific means, the “Rosenplatz” quarter in Osnabrück. They have tried to find out how urban space “feels” in terms of its aesthetics and surfaces. This approach to urban space, and the idea of getting artists involved in doing research, was the idea of Prof. Dirk Manzke, who works in the field of urban design and atmosphere at the University of Applied Sciences. Together with freelancing curator Elisabeth Lumme and TOP,OS Verein für Neue Kunst e.V. the concept ot Tangency was created, where artists look at surfaces and materials.

Urban space becomes a public field for open experimentation. As Dirk Manzke states: “We are interested in physical contact with and the materiality of the city”. The sensual perception of the city, the architecture and the space between should be viewed and investigated by artists in order to find ways of perceiving aesthetic qualities in a new way. With photography, videowork, long term performance, sound experiments and material based interventions artists raise awareness of what gives distinction to our everyday life.

Participating artists:

Paul Feichter, Angelika Höger, Johannes Langkamp

Cornelia Rößler, Ariel Schlesinger, Trish Scott

Artist Directors
Prof. Dirk Manzke, Hochschule Osnabrück

Studium der Architektur und des Städtebaus an der Technischen Universität Dresden und Tiflis / Autor, Zeichner,
Professor für Städtebau und Freiraumplanung Hochschule Osnabrück

Elisabeth Lumme
Studium der Kunst- und Literaturwissenschaft an der Universität Osnabrück, freischaffende Künstlerin, Kuratorin und Kulturmanagerin