Cornelia Rößler (D)

Video: Elisabeth Lumme

The Mainz-based artist Cornelia Rößler, *1970 in Munich, seeks out direct contact with people in and around the Rosenplatz. With the people she meets, she raises questions of materiality and surface characteristics of the spatial environment of the Rosenplatz. She collects statements about people’s experiences in dealing with their own relationship to the atmosphere of the city. These encounters are graphically depicted through photos of the skin of her collocutors that are later confronted with the surfaces of the city. City is also physical contact.

Cornelia Rößler talking to a person, later the artist takes a foto from his skin, which will be part of an installation on the fassades in the streets.

Fotos: Angela von Brill
Born in Munich in 1970, Cornelia Rößler first studied Communication Design and then Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld-Academy in Amsterdam. Human skin is, after Dominik Rößler, a leitmotif for the artist, who questions the human identity in her work.